Relationship/Couples Therapy

Many Couples Have Struggles and most relationships go through tough times, and sometimes it is hard to get through these times on our own. We can get stuck, unable to return to the togetherness we once felt. Sometimes it just helps to have a third professional person with a different perspective listen to our issues, a couple’s therapist.

‘Conflict is growth trying to happen’ Harville Hendrix.

Feeling disappointed and sad about your relationship can impact your overall outlook on life. Many people have gone through similar periods of frustration and pain in their relationships, and often feel angry and bitter, especially if they have tried things to reconnect with their partner and haven’t been very successful.

‘Every positive thing you do in your relationship is foreplay’ Dr John Gottman.

Even if you are successful at accomplishing things in other areas, you may be having difficulties with certain areas of your relationship. Couples often put off counselling until it feels things have gotten “out of hand” or until frustration and worry increases. Even if things are not at that point, if you are concerned about something and cannot talk about it, speaking with an experienced professional often helps.

Whether you are seeking to improve an already good relationship, or if something specific has occurred, such as an affair, you may feel something important is missing. You may be fighting more or getting more distant and you’d like help restoring the good parts of your relationship. It’s usually a relief to speak with a trained professional.

‘Compatibility does not determine the fate of a marriage, how you deal with the incompatibilities does.’ Abhiji Naskar.

We can explore and address issues such as;

  • Sexual intimacy
  • Communication
  • Infidelity
  • Pressure to marry or pre-marital counselling.
  • Difficulty talking about feelings
  • Money Management
  • Appreciation and support
  • Jealousy
  • Monogamy
  • Anger
  • Parenting Issues
  • Frustration with your partner
  • Solving lack of intimacy or commitment
  • Resolving sex frequency and sexual desire issues
  • Enhancing intimacy, passion and excitement
  • Improving sex & connection through communication
  • Dealing with difficult relationship issues

In our sessions, you will:

  • Heal past wounds that get in the way of how you feel towards each other.
  • Better understand the dynamic that goes on between you.
  • Become closer both physically and emotionally.
  • Have more caring, affection and joy in your relationship.

I have seen couples who have completely lost the ability to trust work through their issues and get to a place where their relationship was better than ever. It takes work and perseverance, but with time and effort, many couples can get through almost anything.
Perhaps you’ve been to couples therapy before, and It Just didn’t work for you. It can be difficult to try something again that wasn’t successful in the past. Different therapists have different approaches to couples therapy, and not all approaches work for everyone. It’s important to find someone with training who you feel comfortable with and have a good rapport with. I am very open to all kinds of people and I create an environment where anyone can feel welcome.

I have the clinical experience to help guide you to greater levels of intimacy, better sex, stronger relationships and a confident sense of self. A few people go to couple’s therapy to help end their relationship, but in my experience, most people come because they want to do what it takes to get their relationship back on track. Managing your anxiety and enhancing your self-esteem, quickly and efficiently are the foundations of my practice.