About Me

Life, living and relationships are often very stressful. Full of ups and downs. I see people at their worst and at their best. I see them at their lowest and in difficult times. Meeting with you in a calm and relaxed manner to support you, we explore what is possible. It’s my job and privilege to help and empower you to sort through things. To reflect and perhaps consider or see things you never noticed before. To look at the past to be able to change the future, how our feelings, beliefs and relational patterns have shaped our lives and choices and to find and use your strengths and resources to change things for your benefit, comfort and happiness.

I work with individuals and couples in a warm, pragmatic and empathic way that helps you to understand yourself, clarify things for yourself and optimise on your life and relationships. To feel better, present and more in control. We explore and look at your personal growth and development in many ways, whether that’s as a couple, individually or as an individual within a couple. There are no issues/problems too small or no issues/problems too large that I won’t work with.

I have sixteen years as a qualified counsellor (12 of those accredited) seeing clients from many different backgrounds, sexualities, cultures and religions. For ten of those years I’ve worked within the NHS, my specialism being anxiety and trauma.

My working experiences have been in south and East London in a Community Mental Health Practices, a GP surgery, several secondary schools in two boroughs with adolescents, drug and alcohol projects and rehab in east and south London and at present an NHS CAMHS team and an NHS Sexual Health Clinic in a hospital. Working with a myriad of issues from self-harm, suicide, addictions, including sex and porn and compulsive behaviours, loss, (bereavement) health issues, phobias, sexuality, domestic violence, childhood abuse of all kinds, bullying and various work related issues etc. and I have helped people heal from emotional injuries so they can live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Since each person is unique, the way I work varies according to what each client needs at that time. My approach is integrative and grounded in many different theories and modalities. I’m proud at being skilled in facilitating people to be able to connect with their authentic selves and am continually awed by the strength of the human spirit and the wisdom and intelligence of the imagination to guide the way to integration and wholeness.

Having trained as a relationship and psychosexual counsellor this enables me to facilitate couples or individuals with relationships and/or sexual difficulties. So at present I am working towards accreditation by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and I am also an EMDR Practitioner working towards becoming an EMDR consultant.

A large part of training as a psychotherapist/counsellor is to have intensive therapy oneself and my investment has paid off many many times. I know how difficult it can be to stick with it or to reach out when it’s easier to do something else. Or to make the choice to care for and invest in yourself or in your relationship, especially when the going gets tough. There are always possibilities, always choice.

I look forward to meeting you.